21 October 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform this week.


For custom courses (CCX), if you add a CCX coach who is not currently enrolled in the course, that user is now automatically enrolled in the course and sent an email about the enrollment. For more information about CCX, see Creating a Custom Course.


Custom courses are currently supported only on Open edX.

EdX Studio

  • Oppia explorations are short, interactive tutorials that encourage exploration and experiential learning. This release includes the new Oppia exploration tool, which you can use to embed Oppia explorations in your courses. For more information about how you enable this tool and add Oppia explorations, see the following documentation.

    On Open edX instances, you must install the Oppia XBlock before you can use Oppia explorations in courses.

  • This release includes several updates to web certificates.

    • Course teams can now override the course number as well as the course name on the certificate. (SOL-1247)

    • Both the course number and the override course number are displayed in the certificate set up page in Studio. (SOL-1247)

    • There are now no character limits on the name and title fields of certificate signatories. (SOL-1225)

      For information on web certificates, see the following documentation.

  • LTI components consume remote learning tools and present them in a course. With this release, LTI components use full screen mode to present remote content that is configured for full screen viewing.


    To ensure that content shown by the LTI component is accessible, verify that the remote system providing the content has implemented full screen mode with accessible controls that allow learners to enter and exit full screen mode.

EdX Documentation

Documentation for edX Partners

Building and Running an edX Course

EdX Learner’s Guide

Updated the Printing a Certificate section.

Documentation for Open edX Users

This section lists updates to the latest versions of Open edX documentation. We do not update the documentation for Open edX releases.

Building and Running an Open edX Course