27 October 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform this week.


  • After you generate certificates for your course, you can find information about the certificates on the Instructor Dashboard. You can see the number and type of certificates that learners earned, or download a .csv file of all certificates. For more information, see Obtaining Certificate Data in Building and Running an edX Course or Obtaining Certificate Data in Building and Running an Open edX Course.
  • When a learner unenrolls from a course, the confirmation dialog box now includes the name of the course in addition to the course number. (OSPR-841)

EdX Analytics

The following events are now emitted when learners interact with Oppia explorations.

  • oppia.exploration.loaded
  • oppia.exploration.state.changed
  • oppia.exploration.completed

For more information about these events, see Third-Party Content Events in the EdX Research Guide.

Open EdX

  • On the dashboard for custom courses on the edX platform (CCX), the Download student grades option on the Student Admin pages caused the learner grade information to appear in the browser instead of creating a .csv file. This problem has been fixed.

  • The configuration process for transmitting event data to Segment has been updated. You now add a single key:value pair to the lms.auth.json file, SEGMENT_KEY and your valid Segment API key. If you previously configured the SEGMENT_IO_LMS feature flag and the SEGMENT_IO_LMS_KEY key in the lms.auth.json file, you must replace these settings.

    For more information, see Analytics.

EdX Documentation

Documentation for edX Partners

Building and Running an edX Course

EdX Research Guide

Added the Third-Party Content Events section.

Documentation for Open edX Users

This section lists updates to the latest versions of Open edX documentation. We do not update the documentation for Open edX releases.

Building and Running an Open edX Course

Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform

Updated all topics in Configuring the Open edX Platform to instruct users to modify the lms.env.json and cms.env.json files, not the corresponding Python files.

EdX Developer’s Guide

Updated the Analytics section in the edX Developer’s Guide with new configuration information for sites that use the Segment event tracking system. For more information, see Analytics.