4 November 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform this week.

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EdX Studio

  • This release includes the timed exams feature. Course teams can now configure a course subsection so that learners have a set amount of time to complete and submit all problems in that subsection.

    Course teams can grant individual learners more time to complete problems.

  • On the Course Team page in Studio, the description has been updated to clarify that adding people to your course team does not automatically enroll them in your course. (TNL-3697)


This release upgrades the version of MathJax used in the edX LMS from 2.4 to 2.5. This update resolves a problem that sometimes prevented math equations from rendering on the course Discussion page. (TNL-3365)

EdX Insights

The metrics for learner engagement with course content (active students, watched a video, and tried a problem), are enhanced in this release to show percentages in addition to totals.

Engagement metrics showing both totals and percentages.

For more information, see the Engagement with Course Content section in the Using edX Insights guide.

EdX Documentation

Documentation for edX Partners

Building and Running an edX Course

Using edX Insights

Updated the Engagement with Course Content and Computation Reference sections. Metrics for engagement with content are now expressed as percentages in addition to counts.

Documentation for Open edX Users

This section lists updates to the latest versions of Open edX documentation. EdX does not update the documentation for named Open edX releases.

Building and Running an Open edX Course

Added the Offering Timed Exams section.

Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform

Added the Installing an XBlock topic to provide guidance about expanding the Open edX platform by adding XBlocks.