Week of 13 June 2016

The following information summarizes what is new in the edX platform this week.

The edX engineering wiki Release Pages provide detailed information about every change made to the edx-platform GitHub repository. If you are interested in additional information about every change in a release, create a user account for the wiki and review the dated release pages.


  • Cohorts have been added to bulk email Send to options. In addition to existing groups, course teams can now send bulk email messages to one or more of the cohorts in their courses. For more information, see Message Addressing or Message Addressing. (TNL-4357)
  • The learner Account Settings page now includes an Order History tab. This tab contains information about any payments a learner has made to edX, including the date of the payment and a link to a receipt page. For more information, see Verify a Payment. (ECOM-2361)
  • The explanation of additional time allowances for timed and proctored examinations has been reworded. The words “or are taking the exam in difficult conditions” have been removed to make it clearer that additional time allowances are intended for learners who have disabilities. The new wording of the explanation is “if you have disabilities, you might be eligible for an additional time allowance on timed exams.” (TNL-4654)
  • If the amount of time allowed for a timed exam is longer than 20 hours, the LMS does not display a message explaining that learners can request additional time. If needed, course teams can still allow additional time for learners taking timed exams that are longer than 20 hours. (TNL-4655)

EdX Studio

If you delete the default title text in the Display Name setting for a problem, and do not enter a new title, the problem now displays the word “problem” as its title. If you deleted the title text for problems in existing courses, and did not enter new titles, those problems now display “problem” as their titles. (FEDX-198)


  • The Verify a Payment topic was added to the EdX Learner’s Guide and to Building and Running an edX Course.
  • Information has been added about the recipient groups, including cohorts, that you can send bulk email messages to. For more information, see Message Addressing in Building and Running an edX Course and Message Addressing in Building and Running an Open edX Course.