Week of 8 August 2016

The following information summarizes what is new in the edX platform this week.

The edX engineering wiki Release Pages provide detailed information about every change made to the edx-platform GitHub repository. If you are interested in additional information about every change in a release, create a user account for the wiki and review the dated release pages.


  • All course updates, including those added on the same date, now appear in reverse chronological order (most recent first). Previously, if several updates were added on the same date, they were listed in chronological order. (TNL-4204)
  • When CAPA (computer assisted personalized approach) problems display in right- to-left languages, math equation response fields now correctly allow learners to input mathematical or scientific expressions from left to right. (OSPR-1349)


Various accessibility enhancements were made in the LMS.

  • To improve navigation for screen reader users, checkboxes on the Certificates page on the instructor dashboard are now programmatically grouped so that screen readers identify these options as a group. (AC-543)
  • To improve accessibility and readability by increasing contrast, edX has modified the pink color used in Studio and the LMS. This color is used in user interface elements such as the View Unit in Studio and the Staff Debug Info buttons. (AC-549)


To improve security, when learners follow the Forgot password? process on edx.org, error messages no longer indicate whether provided email addresses exist in the system. (ECOM-4703)

edX Mobile App

Version 2.6.2 of the edX app for Android is now available. This version of the mobile app allows learners to browse edX courses without creating an edX account and without logging in. Learners can register for an edX account or sign in from the about page for any course. Other improvements in this version include accessibility fixes to the video player.

You can download the free Android edX mobile app from Google Play.

For answers to frequently asked questions about the mobile app, see the If You Use the edX Mobile App section in the EdX Learner’s Guide, or, for Open edX installations, see the If You Use the edX Mobile App section in the Open edX Learner’s Guide.


In the EdX Learner’s Guide, the Receiving and Sharing edX Certificates and Enrolling in edX Courses or Programs topics have been reorganized and updated.

Open edX

The edX UX Pattern Library has been updated with various enhancements, including color options and contrast, and button styling. For a complete list of updates, see https://github.com/edx/ux-pattern-library/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md