Week of 28 November 2016

The following information summarizes what is new in the edX platform this week.

The edX engineering wiki Release Pages provide detailed information about every change made to the edx-platform GitHub repository. If you are interested in additional information about every change in a release, create a user account for the wiki and review the dated release pages.


  • When learners submit or save another response after seeing feedback for a previous response, the feedback now correctly refreshes to indicate whether the new response is correct or incorrect. Previously, the problem continued to show feedback for the previous response. (TNL-1955)
  • Course start and end dates in the “Basic Course Information” section of the Course Info tab on the instructor dashboard and in the sidebar on course Home pages are now displayed in your account’s time zone or, if you have not specified a local time zone, in your browser’s time zone. (TNL-5960)
  • In course discussions, each post in the discussion navigation pane now includes a one line preview. (TNL-5807) For more information about course discussions, see Anatomy of Course Discussions in the EdX Learner’s Guide and Creating Course Discussions in the Building and Running an edX Course guide.
  • Open response assessment (ORA) exercises have been improved with accessibility fixes, including color contrast and screen reader enhancements. (TNL-5104, TNL-5786)


  • On the Video Uploads page in Studio (Content > Video Uploads), you can now remove videos from the list of previously uploaded videos without affecting course content that uses the video ID of successfully uploaded videos. (TNL-5899) For more information, see Remove Videos from the Video Uploads Page in the Building and Running an edX Course guide.
  • When you use the course outline in Studio to develop your course, you can now duplicate existing units, subsections, and sections. (TNL-5798, TNL-5797) Duplicated items inherit the release date of the block that they are duplicated from, but you must explicitly publish duplicated subsections and units before they are visible to learners. For more information, see Add Content in the Course Outline in the Building and Running an edX Course guide.