EdX Open Response Assessments

The following information describes what is new in edX Open Response Assessments.

16 December 2015

Messaging and other remaining artifacts of the deprecated, original version of the open response assessment problem type, sometimes referred to as ORA 1, have been removed from the platform.

For information about adding open response assessments to a course using the fully supported ORA 2 feature, see Create an Open Response Assessment Assignment.

1 December 2015

Open response assessments are enhanced in this release to allow course teams to specify, and learners to submit, additional types of files along with their text responses. To take advantage of this feature, when course teams edit an open response assessment component in Studio to allow file uploads, the following options are now available.

  • Image files in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.
  • The image file formats listed above, and also files in .pdf format.
  • A custom set of one or more file formats, specified by the course team.

To protect learners from the transmission of potentially harmful files during the peer assessment stage, this enhancement also gives system administrators the ability to configure a list of file types that learners cannot upload.

For more information, see the following guides.

17 July 2015

A Best Practices for Open Response Assessments topic has been added to the documentation about open response assessments. For more information about open response assessments, see Introduction to Open Response Assessments in the Building and Running an edX Course guide.

8 July 2015

The original version of the open response assessment problem type, sometimes referred to as ORA 1, has been deprecated. A newer version of open response assessments, (ORA 2) was released over a year ago, and the ability to add ORA 1 assessments was removed from Studio in May 2014. This release includes the following additional steps to discontinue use of the ORA 1 problem type.

  • When you access a course that contains an ORA 1 assessment, Studio now displays the message, “This course uses features that are no longer supported.”
  • ORA 1 assessments no longer appear in the LMS.

For information about adding ORA 2 assessments to a course, see Create an Open Response Assessment Assignment.

22 April 2015

In ORA assignments, learners could no longer view their submissions after they received a grade for the assignment. This issue has been resolved. (TNL-2000)

15 April 2015

Beta testers can now access and submit responses to open response problems before those problems are released. (TNL-1736)

18 March 2015

Open response assessments can now include more than one prompt or question. A single rubric is used to grade all of the prompts in the assessment. For more information, see Create an Open Response Assessment Assignment.

23 February 2015

Course teams can now enter a username when they want to get student information in an open response assessment. They no longer need to obtain a course-specific anonymized student ID. For more information, see View a Specific Learner’s Response and Assessments. (TNL-836)

Course teams can now remove inappropriate student responses and exclude them from peer assessments. For more information, see Remove a Learner’s Response. (TNL-900)

8 January 2015

Open response assessments now support right-to-left languages.