EdX Discussions

The following information describes what is new in edX discussions.

2 June 2015

  • When learners expanded an inline discussion, the page jumped to a part of discussion towards the bottom of the thread. The page now stays at the top of the discussion when expanded. (TNL-2223)

12 May 2015

  • When learners access a component-specific discussion topic in the courseware and select Show Posts, the list of posts now opens to the first post instead of the last post. (TNL-1530)
  • Improvements to the accessibility of discussion posts to screen reader users are included in this release. (AC-102)

22 April 2015

Discussion posts exceeding a certain length or containing numerous equations were not rendering LaTeX expressions. This issue has been resolved. (TNL-1902)

31 March 2015

When users clicked a link from the page listing all a user’s posts, they received an error message. This problem is resolved. (TNL-1717)

12 February 2015

The “Mark as Answered” icon was missing from discussion and question posts. This problem has been resolved. (TNL-1330)

4 February 2015

Accessibility Improvements

  • The current discussion conversation now receives focus and includes an accessible label. (UX-1575)
  • Discussions now include defined regions and landmarks for screen reader navigation. The focus is on the discussion when a new topic is loaded, and changes to a new post when it appears. (UX-1576)

14 January 2015

After editing a discussion post or comment, a user was not able to report the post or mark it as the answer. This problem is resolved. (TNL-1016)

8 January 2015

When you viewed responses in a discussion topic, the vote count was displayed twice. This problem is resolved. (TNL-1016)