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The following information describes what is new on edx.org and Edge.

Week of 31 March 2017

From a course or program’s About page, learners can now enroll in any of the course’s available course runs. (ECOM-7262)

Catalog performance has been improved so that edx.org and the LMS load faster with fewer errors. (ECOM-7140)

When learners search for courses, results now return only the first run of each course instead of multiple runs of the same course. (ECOM-6816)

Week of 24 March 2017

From a course or program’s About page, learners can now enroll in any of the course’s available course runs. (ECOM-7262)

In course search results on edx.org, if a course has multiple runs, only one course card is returned. (ECOM-6815)

Week of 19 September 2016

EdX recently launched MicroMasters programs. Developed to advance careers, and based on the master’s programs of leading universities, each MicroMasters program is a series of higher-level courses that are recognized by companies for real job relevancy, and may accelerate a master’s degree. For more information, see MicroMasters Programs.

Week of 22 August 2016

Courses that offer coupon codes can now specify valid email domains for accepting coupon codes. Coupon codes are accepted only for learners whose email addresses match the valid domains.

Week of 8 August 2016

To improve security, when learners follow the Forgot password? process on edx.org, error messages no longer indicate whether provided email addresses exist in the system. (ECOM-4703)

Week of 23 May 2016

  • When learners register an account on the edx.org or edX Edge website, the optional Mailing Address field is no longer present.
  • After a password change, learners are now signed out of all browser sessions. (ECOM-4288)
  • This release includes improvments to the search feature on the edx.org website. In addition to searching for terms such as “R programming” and “supply chain”, learners can now search for terms such as “R”, “C++”, and “C#”.

18 April 2016

For learners who enroll in the verified certificate track of a course that is offered on the edx.org website, this release includes changes to streamline the checkout process.

28 March 2016

  • The edX website now includes an All Subjects page, where learners can see all subjects that edX courses cover as well as the available courses in those subjects. The website also now offers breadcrumb navigation, allowing learners to move more easily around the site and enabling marketers to capture SEO value. (SWAT-130 and SWAT-57)
  • For instructor biographies, the Organization and Title fields are now optional. (SWAT-180)

6 January 2016

The latest course in the edX Learning Series is now available. You can enroll in the Creating Video for the edX Platform course on edx.org.

8 December 2015

As of the December 8 release, new courses on edx.org can offer two types of certificate: verified and Xseries. Honor code certificates are no longer available for new courses; instead, learners can audit courses without a fee. In addition, learners who want to earn verified certificates have the option of applying for financial assistance to help cover the cost of the verified certificates.

If learners earned honor code certificates in earlier courses, they can still access their certificates on their dashboards. For more information about these changes to course certificates, see News About edX Certificates.

25 August 2015

The cost for certificates on track selection pages on edx.org now specify that the amount is in USD, for U.S. dollars. (ECOM-2114)

19 August 2015

Learners who pursue verified certificates can now use either their credit cards or their PayPal accounts to pay for course fees. This new feature on the edx.org website enables more learners to work toward verified certificates.

12 August 2015

Third Party Authentication with edX Edge

To enhance sign in options and streamline access to courses running on the edX Edge website, edX partner institutions can now enable third party authentication between a campus or institutional authentication system and edX Edge.

EdX uses the SAML 2.0 standard to exchange authentication and authorization data, so this service is compatible with the Shibboleth single sign on system. After you enable third party authentication and your institutional identity provider, learners who already have campus credentials can use them to authenticate into edX Edge.

For more information, see Integrating Third Party Authentication with edX Edge in Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform.

8 July 2015

To improve accessibility of the edx.org sign in and registration page, instructions that provide additional context for screen reader users are now included.

16 June 2015

To improve accessibility, accessible text was added for each social media link in the edX website footer, and alt text for mobile links was made more descriptive. (ECOM-1724)

2 June 2015

  • Users could not use screen reader controls or tabs to activate the Continue to Payment button during the verification process. This problem has been fixed. (ECOM-1302)

28 May 2015

  • Users could not use screen reader controls or tabs to activate the button to take their photos during the verification process. This problem has been fixed. (ECOM-1472)
  • On the learner dashboard, user names were appearing above the “Want to change your account settings?” text in the right sidebar. This problem has been fixed. (UX-2153)

5 May 2015

The Remember Me check box temporarily did not appear on the edx.org sign-in page. This problem has been fixed. (ECOM-1489)

22 April 2015

Learners can now unenroll from courses that have not yet started. Previously, unenrollment was available only for live courses. (ECOM-1435)

15 April 2015

To improve accessibility, corrections were made to several of the edX website pages. The changes correct the use of semantic elements, make labels accessible, and order headings logically. Style changes across the platform were also made to increase color contrast. (ECOM-1303, ECOM-1304, ECOM-1305, UX-1949)

25 March 2015

The edx.org footer now includes links to additional social media sites. (ECOM-1134)

2 March 2015

  • Previously, when students used iPads to verify their identities, they received a “No Flash Detected” error message. This problem has been fixed. (ECOM-859)
  • In some situations, students who verified their identity saw “Honor Code” as their certificate track. This problem has been fixed. (ECOM-1088)
  • In some situations, videos were not delivered at the best quality for available bandwidth. This problem has been fixed. (TNL-1202)

12 February 2015

Some students saw an incorrect message when they signed up for a verified certificate. This problem has been resolved. (ECOM-1031)

4 February 2015

A single sign-in page at edX.org now includes the options to create a new account on edX or sign in to an existing edX account.

28 January 2015

People who have registered, but not yet activated, an edX.org account can now reset their passwords on the edx.org site. Previously, you received an error message if you tried to reset your password before activating your account. (ECOM-894)

8 January 2015

  • Students who had enrolled in a verified course were erroneously prompted to verify their identity if their edX verification expired after the course’s verification deadline. This problem is resolved. (ECOM-864)
  • Students using Internet Explorer 9 without Flash installed were able to click disabled buttons and proceed through the verification process, though no photo was taken. Students now cannot proceed until they install Flash. (ECOM-849)