How to: Create toggles report for devstack or sandbox

Grab toggles state data from endpoint

Use instructions found in get feature toggles state data document to collect state data from an ida.

The resulting file should be named following this pattern: <ida_name>_.*json.

The <ida_name> will be used to link this data with annotations data.

Structure state data directory

To generate report, you will pass path to a directory containing state data to script. The script can handle 2 structures of this directory.

First create this empty directory. Now populate it with data based on either of these two use cases:

When creating report to compare multiple environments

For each env, create a directory named following this name pattern: <env_name>_env. Populate these env directories with their state value files (json).

  • toggle_data_dir/
    • prod_env/
      • lms_waffle.json

      • discovery_waffle.json

    • stage_env/
      • lms_waffle.json

      • discovery_waffle.json

When creating report for just one environment

For this use case, you can either follow the directory structure listed above, or do the following:

Create an empty directory following this name pattern: <env_name>_env. Populate it with state data json files.

  • prod_env/ (name of toggle_data_dir)
    • lms_waffle.json

    • discovery_waffle.json

Grab annotations data

Use instructions found in get feature toggles annotation data document to collect annotations data.

Rename the resulting yml file <ida_name>-annotations.yml. This step is necessary, as the feature toggle report generator will key off the ida_name in the filename in order to be able to link this data to the toggle state data collected in the next step. Create a directory called annotation-data, and place the resulting annotation report from each IDA into this directory.

Structure annotations data files

Place all resulting annotations yml files in a single directory. The name of annotations directory does not matter.

Create Report

Use instructions found in “Creating a Feature Toggle Report” section of Readme to generate report.