15.2. Automatic Email Messages from the Open edX Platform

To help learners become and remain engaged in a course, the Open edX platform can send automatic email messages that notify learners of responses to discussion posts.


Before the system can send automatic email messages for any courses, a system administrator must enable automatic messages on the instance of the Open edX platform. For more information, see Enable Discussion Notifications.

15.2.1. Automatic Email Message Text

After a learner or course team member creates a post in the course discussions, the platform sends the following email message the first time a learner or course team member replies to the original post.

Subject: Response to <title of post>

<username> replied to <title of post>:

  <text of comment>

The message also contains a View discussion option that takes the learner to the discussion post.

The platform does not send individual messages for any additional replies on the post. However, the learner automatically receives a daily digest email message that summarizes additional activity on the post. For more information, see Receiving Notifications and Receiving Daily Digests.