6.3.1. Adding Course Team Members in Studio

After you have selected the members of your course team, you are ready to add team members in Studio.

For more information about selecting course team members, see Planning Course Staff. Add Course Team Members

Course team members are users who help you build your course. To add someone to the course team, you must meet these prerequisites.

  • You must have the Admin role in the course.

  • The team member that you want to add must register a user account and activate the account.

  • You need the same, registered email address for the team member you want to add.

Other course team members can edit the course and perform all tasks except adding and removing other team members and granting Admin access.


Any course team member can delete content created by other team members.

To add a course team member, follow these steps.

  1. Ensure you have Admin access.

  2. Ensure that the new team member has registered and activated an account.

  3. In Studio, from the Settings menu, select Course Team.

  4. Select Add a New Team Member.

  5. Enter the new team member’s email address, then select ADD USER.

The new team member can now work on the course in Studio.

  • To preview the course in the LMS, the team member must enroll in the course.

  • To moderate course discussions, the team member must also have one of the discussion roles. For more information, see Assigning Discussion Moderation Roles.

You can also assign privileged roles to users when you work in the LMS by selecting Instructor and then Membership. Assign Course Team Roles

Assigning a course team role to a user both adds the user to the course team and assigns the role to that user.

To assign the Staff or Admin role to a team member, you must meet these prerequisites.

  • You must have the Admin role in the course.

  • You need the email address or username of each team member you want to add.

  • Each of those team members must register a user account for that email address or username, activate the account, and enroll in your course.

To assign a privileged role to a course team member, follow these steps.

  1. View the live version of your course.

  2. Select Instructor, and then select Membership.

  3. In the Course Team Management section, select Staff or Admin.

  4. Under the list of users who currently have that role, enter an email address or username, and then select Add for the role type.

To remove an assigned role, view the list of users and then select Revoke access.