5. Accessing Course ContentΒΆ

When you begin a course, select the Course page to see the structure of the course. From this page, you can select any part of the course to jump to it. If you have previously accessed or worked in the course, select Resume Course to jump to the part of the course that you last accessed.

Be aware that in some courses, not all of the the course content is available when the course starts. or even at any one time during the course. Instead, additional content might become available at different times in the course, or as you progress through the course.

Course content might become available in the course at different times for various reasons, including the following reasons.

  • The course team has scheduled specific content for release on specific dates. That content is added to the course outline only on the date that the course team chooses.
  • The course team might make certain course content unavailable after certain points in the course. For example, after an assignment’s due date has passed, or after the end date of a self-paced course, the assignment might no longer be available.
  • Some courses include content that has prerequisite sections. Prerequisite sections require that you complete other, previous sections before they become available. The course team sets a minimum score that you must earn in the problems of a prerequisite section in order to display the following sections.

Not all courses include scheduled course content or prerequisites. Your course might display all of the course content on the Course page as soon as the course starts.

If you do not see the course content that you expect, you can check for information about the course schedule and content prerequisites on the course Home page, or you can ask questions in the course discussions.