3. Enrolling in a Course#

This section provides information about enrolling in a course. Different websites can offer different options for enrollment.

3.1. Enroll in a Course#

To start taking an online course, you enroll in that course. After you enroll, you have access to the course content.

To enroll in a course, follow these steps.

  1. In the course catalog on the main website, select the course that you want to take.

  2. On the About page for the course, select Enroll Now.

    For some courses, different enrollment options might be available, such as a free audit track or a paid certificate track. If the course offers different enrollment options, select an option.

If you are using a web browser, your dashboard opens to the Courses page, with the new course added to the list of courses you are enrolled in.

3.2. Open and Start a Course#

As soon as you enroll in a course, it is added to the list of courses on the Courses page of your dashboard. You can start working in the course if the course start date has passed.

To open the course, locate the course listing on your dashboard and select View Course.

For more information, see Starting a Course and Completing Course Prerequisites.