10.5. Supported Themable AssetsΒΆ

In theory, all core assets in the LMS and Studio can be overriden by themed assets. In practice, most of the system assumes that core assets are not currently overridden by themed assets, and you might see unexpected behavior if you override certain assets. So far, the list of supported themable assets is limited to the following set.

Component Asset Description
LMS images/logo.png The logo for the LMS. Displayed in the upper left corner of the LMS.
Studio images/studio-logo.png The logo for Studio. Displayed in the upper left corner of Studio.
LMS images/profiles/default_30.png images/profiles/default_50.png images/profiles/default_120.png images/profiles/default_500.png Default profile images for learner profiles. The default image displays for learners until they upload their own profile images. These images are named based on their sizes: 30px by 30px, 50px by 50px, 120px by 120px, and 500px by 500px, respectively.