6.5. Test Features

When you create a new feature for the Open edX platform, you must write two kinds of tests for that feature: general tests that evaluate the feature on the Open edX platform, and tests that are specific to the type of feature that you create. For example, if you create a coupon codes feature for use with the edX Ecommerce service, you must write both Open edX tests and Ecommerce tests. This section describes the general tests that you must write for the Open edX platform.

6.5.1. Tests for the Open edX Platform

You must write the following types of tests for all new features that you create for the Open edX platform.

  • Django tests. To learn how to test Django code, see the Testing in Django documentation provided by the Django Software Foundation.
  • Acceptance tests. These tests verify behavior that relies on external systems, such as the LMS or payment processors. At a minimum, you must run these tests against a staging environment before you deploy code to production to verify that critical user workflows are functioning as expected. With the right configuration, you can also run the tests locally.