1.4. Change LogΒΆ

The edX documentation team no longer maintains a change log for each guide. For a weekly summary of platform changes, refer to the EdX Release Notes on the docs.edx.org website.

For information about changes made to the edX documentation set, the edx-documentation repository on GitHub provides a complete record.

Date Change
12 January 2016 Added the Adding Custom Fields to the Registration Page topic.
16 December 2015 Updated the default value for the ENABLE_INSTRUCTOR_LEGACY_DASHBOARD feature flag in the Index of EdX Feature Flags.
8 December 2015 Added the Changing the Appearance of Open edX Sites section.
1 December 2015 Added the Prohibiting Submission of Specified File Types section.
20 November 2015 Updated the manual command that can be used to test an enabled SAML provider.
9 November 2015 Added Index of EdX Feature Flags page.
4 November 2015 Added the Installing an XBlock topic.
26 October 2015 Added the Using Elastic MapReduce on AWS topic.
23 October 2015 Updated all topics in Configuring the Open edX Platform to instruct users to modify the lms.env.json and cms.env.json files, not the corresponding Python files.
  Removed the instructions to install the Google Drive XBlock, as it is now included by default in the Open edX Platform.
20 October 2015 Added the Add Keys to the LMS Configuration File topic.
5 October 2015 Added the Enabling Social Sharing of Courses and Certificates section.
2 October 2015 Added the Options for LTI Authentication and User Provisioning section.
15 September 2015 Added the Configuring an edX Instance as an LTI Tool Provider section.
  Added the Installing Open edX Analytics Devstack section.
10 August 2015 Added the Open edX Cypress Release section.
  Added the Setting Up the YouTube API Key section.
  Added the Configuring ORA2 to Upload Files to Alternative Storage Systems section.
6 Aug 2015 Added the Enabling Third Party Authentication section.
5 Aug 2015 Added the Enabling Third Party Authentication with edX Edge section.
16 June 2015 Added the Enabling Custom Courses section.
8 June 2015 Added Enabling Open edX Search.
  Added Enabling Certificates.
  Added Enabling Badging.
  Updated the Setting Up the Open edX Mobile Applications section to include configuration for push notifications.
28 May 2015 Added Enabling Course and Video Licensing.
02 Mar 2015 Updated the Other edX Resources to include information about the The edX Partner Portal and the The Open edX Portal.
24 Feb 2015 Updated for the Open edX Birch Release.
  Added the section Configuring the Open edX Platform.
20 Jan 2015 Added the section Options for Installing edX Insights.
14 Jan 2015 Added the section Setting Up the Open edX Mobile Applications.
07 Jun 2014 Added the section Installing Open edX Fullstack.
21 May 2014 The initial release of this guide, with the sections Installing Open edX Devstack and Starting Open edX Devstack.