3.5.1. Installing Open edX Fullstack

This section describes how to install the Open edX full stack (fullstack). Installation Prerequisites for Fullstack

Before you install Open edX fullstack, make sure that you have met the installation prerequisites. Selecting a Download Option

The Open edX virtual machine box file has a file size of approximately four gigabytes. To download the box file, you can use one of these methods.

  • Install fullstack with a direct Vagrant box download. The first time you start the fullstack virtual machine, the Vagrant virtual machine management tool downloads the box file.
  • Use a BitTorrent client to download the Vagrant box file before you install fullstack. The first time you start the fullstack virtual machine, the Vagrant virtual machine management tool uses the previously downloaded box file.

If your internet connection is limited or intermittent, edX recommends that you torrent the box file by following the instructions in Torrent the Box File (Optional). However, this step is optional. Install Fullstack

To install fullstack follow these steps.

  1. Create the fullstack directory and navigate to it in the command prompt.

    mkdir fullstack
    cd fullstack
  2. Set the OPENEDX_RELEASE environment variable to the Git tag name of the release of the Open edX platform that you are installing. For information about the latest Open edX releases and the Git tag names for them, see the Open edX Releases Wiki page.

    For example, open-release/eucalyptus.1 is the Git tag name for the first Eucalyptus release. The following command sets the value of the OPENEDX_RELEASE environment variable to open-release/eucalyptus.1.

    export OPENEDX_RELEASE="open-release/eucalyptus.1"
  3. Download the install script.

    curl -OL https://raw.github.com/edx/configuration/$OPENEDX_RELEASE/util/install/install_stack.sh
  4. Run the install script to create and start the fullstack virtual machine.

    bash install_stack.sh fullstack


    This step downloads the box file if you did not already use Torrent to download and add it.

    If you destroy and recreate the virtual machine, Vagrant reuses the box file and does not download it again. See Vagrant’s documentation on boxes for more information.

When you have completed these steps, see Starting Open edX Fullstack in a Browser to begin using fullstack.