Feature Toggle API




The setting toggles introduced in ADR 0003 will be added to this repository. In order to expose a consistent API, the public classes that should be imported from other repositories, such as edx-platform, will be accessible as follows:

from edx_toggles.toggles import SettingToggle, SettingDictToggle


All implementation code should be moved to an internal module. The Public API will be exposed as follows in edx_toggles/toggles/__init__.py:

from .internal.togglemodule import ...

The benefits of this setup include:

  • A clear designation of what is part of the public API.

  • The ability to refactor the implementation without changing the API.

  • A clear reminder to developers adding new code that it needs to be exposed if it is public.


Whenever a new class or function is added to the edx_toggles public API, it should be implemented in the internal module and explicitly imported in the edx_toggles/toggles/__init__.py module.