Advanced Configuration Options#

The file sets several configuration options to default values. For example DEVSTACK_WORKSPACE (the folder where your Git repos are expected to be) is set to this directory’s parent directory by default, and DEFAULT_SERVICES (the list of services that are provisioned and run by default) is set to a fairly long list of services out of the box. For more detail, refer to the comments in the file itself.

If you’re feeling brave, you can create an git-ignored overrides file called in the same directory and set your own values. In general, it’s good to bring down containers before changing any settings.

Changing the Docker Compose Project Name#

The COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME variable is used to define Docker namespaced volumes and network based on this value, so changing it will give you a separate set of databases. This is handled for you automatically by setting the OPENEDX_RELEASE environment variable in (e.g. COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME=devstack-juniper.master. Should you want to manually override this, edit the in the root of this repo and create the file if it does not exist. Change the devstack project name by adding the following line:

# Example: COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME=secondarydevstack

As a specific example, if OPENEDX_RELEASE is set in your environment as juniper.master, then COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME will default to devstack-juniper.master instead of devstack.