Building Images for Devstack#

There are Docker CI Jenkins jobs on tools-edx-jenkins that build and push new Docker images to DockerHub on code changes to either the configuration repository or the IDA’s codebase. These images are tagged according to the branch from which they were built (see NOTES below). If you want to build the images on your own, the Dockerfiles are available in the edx/configuration repo.


  1. edxapp and IDAs use the latest tag for configuration changes which have been merged to master branch of their repository and edx/configuration.

  2. Images for a named Open edX release are built from the corresponding branch of each repository and tagged appropriately, for example hawthorn.master or hawthorn.rc1.

  3. The elasticsearch used in devstack is built using elasticsearch-devstack/Dockerfile and the devstack tag.


git checkout master
git pull
docker build -f docker/build/edxapp/Dockerfile . -t edxops/edxapp:latest
git checkout master
git pull
docker build -f docker/build/ecommerce/Dockerfile . -t edxops/ecommerce:devstack

The build commands above will use your local configuration, but will pull application code from the master branch of the application’s repository. If you would like to use code from another branch/tag/hash, modify the *_VERSION variable that lives in the ansible_overrides.yml file beside the Dockerfile. Note that edx-platform is an exception; the variable to modify is edx_platform_version and not EDXAPP_VERSION.

For example, if you wanted to build tag release-2017-03-03 for the E-Commerce Service, you would modify ECOMMERCE_VERSION in docker/build/ecommerce/ansible_overrides.yml.