Manual upgrade instructions#

Occasionally there is a change to devstack that requires existing devstack installations to be manually upgraded. When this happens, instructions should be added here.

Please add new instructions to the top, include a date, and make a post in the Devstack forum.

(If you just need to update your devstack to the latest version of everything, see updating_devstack.)

2023-10-05 - MySQL upgrade from version 5.7 to 8.0#

The MySQL service has been upgraded from version 5.7 to 8.0. Developers will need to follow the following instructions.

  1. Take latest git pull of devstack and edx-platform.

  2. Take the latest pull of images

    make dev.pull
  3. Run provisioning command

    make dev.provision
  4. [Optional] Additionally, there is a database copy command to help you transfer data from MySQL 5.7 to 8.0. After provisioning use the dev.dbcopyall8 command. This command will stop all of your services, clean your mysql80 container, and copy all of your databases from mysql57 to mysql80.

    make dev.dbcopyall8

This command copies the following databases:

  • credentials

  • discovery

  • ecommerce

  • registrar

  • notes

  • edxapp

  • xqueue

  • edxapp_csmh

  • dashboard

  • analytics-api

  • reports

  • reports_v1

If you prefer not to copy all databases, update DB_NAMES_LIST in the Makefile of devstack before running the dbcopy command.

  1. Now start your desired services again using dev.up command. For example running following command will start lms, cms

    make dev.up.lms+cms
  2. You might need to apply latest migrations to your mysql80 container for some services. To do that, you can use dev.migrate command. For example for lms you can run

    make dev.migrate.lms

2023-08-02 - Forum upgrade from Ruby 2 to 3#

The forum service has been upgraded from Ruby 2 to Ruby 3. Developers who use forum will need to pull the new image and reprovision the service:

make  # pull in new forum image
make  # provision forum service