Open edX Studio as an XBlock Runtime#

Open edX Studio is the application in the Open edX Platform that instructors use to build courseware.

Because instructors use Studio to add and configure XBlocks, Studio is also an XBlock runtime application.

As an XBlock developer, you must understand what XBlock properties Studio requires.

Studio Requirements for XBlocks#

Studio requires XBlocks to have the following properties.

  • A view method named studio_view. This is the view that renders the XBlock in the Studio editor, allowing the instructor to configure it. In Studio, the instructor accesses this view by selecting Edit in the component.

  • A view method named author_view. This view is used to display the XBlock in the Studio preview mode.

    The author_view method should be as close as possible to the LMS student_view, but may contain inline editing capabilities.

    If you do not define an author_view, the preview mode uses the student_view. For more information, see Open edX Learning Management System as an XBlock Runtime.

  • A class property named non_editable_metadata_fields. This variable contains a list of the XBlock fields that should not be displayed in the Studio editor.