XBlock Examples#

This section shows example XBlocks. These examples are meant to demonstrate simple XBlocks and are not meant to showcase the range of capabilities.

Google Drive & Calendar XBlock#

Course teams can use the Google Drive and Calendar XBlock to embed Google documents and calendars in their courseware.

The Google Drive and Calendar XBlock is created and stored in a separate GitHub repository. You can explore the contents of this XBlock repository to learn how it is structured and developed.

Instructions are provided so that you can install the XBlock on your Open edX system. For more information, see XBlocks and the edX Platform.

Adding the XBlock to Courseware#

When the Google Drive and Calendar XBlock is installed on an Open edX instance, course teams can add Google documents and calendars to courseware.

For example, in Studio, course teams can add and configure a Google calendar component.

The Google Calendar editor in Studio.

Course teams or developers can also add a Google calendar using OLX (open learning XML).

  display_name="Class Schedule"

For more information, see Google calendar tool and Google Drive file tool in Building and Running an Open edX Course.

Viewing the XBlock#

When course teams use the Google Drive and Calendar XBlock, learners can view the referenced Google documents and calendars directly in their the courseware.

A Google spreadsheet rendered in the LMS.

Examples in the XBlock SDK#

The XBlock SDK that you use in this tutorial also contains several example XBlocks.

We will use the Thumbs XBlock in the sections Customize Your XBlock and Anatomy of an XBlock.

You can explore the other example XBlocks in the XBlock SDK.