5.3. Course Asset Policy#

You create an asset policy file to provide details of the assets used in your course. Assets can include image files, textbooks, handouts, and supporting JavaScript files.

You must enter policy details for each asset you add to the static directory. For more information, see Course Assets.

5.3.1. Create the Asset Policy File#

You define policies for your assets in the assets.json file.

Save the assets.json file in the policy directory. You use one assets.json file for all of the courses you might have in your directory structure.

5.3.2. Asset Policy JSON Objects#


The MIME type of the file.


The file name.


true if users can only access the file from within your course. false if users can access the file from outside of your course.


A collection that contains: * category: Equal to asset. * name: The file name. * course: The course number. * tag: * org: The organization that created the course. * revision


The full path and name of the file in the edX Platform.




An array containing: * c4x * The organization. * The course number. * thumbnail * The filename for the thumbnail.

5.3.3. Example Asset Policy File#

The following example shows the JSON policy for one image file.

            "contentType": "image/png",
            "displayname": "dashboard.png",
            "locked": false,
                    "category": "asset",
                    "name": "dashboard.png",
                    "course": "Course number",
                    "tag": "c4x",
                    "org": "Organization",
                    "revision": null
                "filename": "/c4x/Organization/Course-number/asset/dashboard.png",
                "import_path": null,
                        "Course number",