5.2. Grading Policy

You create a grading policy file to specify how problems are graded in your course.

5.2.1. Create the Grading Policy File

You define policies for your course in the grading_policy.json file.

Save the grading_policy.json file in the policy/<course-name> directory.

The <course-name> directory must match the value of the url_name attribute in the course.xml file.

5.2.2. Course Policy JSON Objects

GRADE_CUTOFFS The minimal grade for passing the course, and receiving a certificate if offered.

For each assignment type:

  • min_count: TBD
  • weight: The percentage of the total grade determined by
    assignments of this type. The total value for all assignment types must equal 1.0.
  • type: The name of the assignment type.
  • short_label: The label for the assignment type shown on the student’s Progress page.
  • drop_count: The number of assignments of this type that can be dropped when calculating the final grade.

5.2.3. Example Grading Policy File

    "GRADE_CUTOFFS": {"Pass": 0.6},
    "GRADER": [
                    "min_count": 3,
                    "weight": 0.75,
                    "type": "Homework",
                    "drop_count": 1,
                    "short_label": "Ex"
                    "short_label": "",
                    "min_count": 1,
                    "type": "Exam",
                    "drop_count": 0,
                    "weight": 0.25