11.1. Levels of Support#

The level of support that edX provides for each exercise, tool, or problem type varies. The levels of support are categorized as full, provisional, or no support. This table provides the definition for each level of support. In this guide, each topic that describes each exercise, tool, or problem type contains a note that indicates the edX level of support for that exercise, tool, or problem type.

Level of Support


Full support

Fully supported tools and features are available on edx.org, are fully tested, have user interfaces where applicable, and are documented in the official edX guides that are available on docs.edx.org.

Provisional support

Provisionally supported tools and features are available on edx.org, but might lack the robustness of functionality that your courses require. Third party tools are classified as provisionally supported because edX does not have control over the quality of the software, or of the content that can be provided using such tools.

You should test provisionally supported tools thoroughly before using them in your course, especially in graded sections. Complete documentation might not be available for provisionally supported tools, or documentation might be available from sources other than the official edX guides.

Not supported

Exercises and tools with no support are not maintained by edX, and might be deprecated in the future. They are not recommended for use in courses due to non-compliance with one or more of the base requirements, such as testing, accessibility, internationalization, and documentation.