14. Example of OLX for a Studio Course#

You can export a course from edX Studio. When you export the course, you download a .tar.gz file with the OLX (open learning XML) course content. You can then extract the course OLX files for use with local tools or a source control system such as GitHub.

As explained in this document, OLX provides for flexibility in how you structure your course content. However, edX Studio exports OLX content in a specific structure.

This section documents the how edX Studio currently exports courses, so that you can understand and manually navigate through the structure of exported courses.


The format of Studio course exports is subject to change. As a result, any tools that you create specifically for the current Studio export format might not work for future versions. To avoid problems with manually authored OLX courses, we strongly recommend that you base any scripts that you create on the OLX format specification rather than on the current Studio export format.

In this section, we use a course that is part of the edX Platform, the Manual Testing course, as an example of the OLX course exported from edX Studio. We examine the overall structure of the Manual Testing course, as well as how the courseware is defined.

The files for the Manual Testing course are stored in GitHub, so you can explore how the course is structured for yourself.

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