1.1. Change Log

1.1.1. December 2015

Date Change
8 Dec 2015 Updated the Certificates section.
1 Dec 2015 Added information about uploading additional file types to the Submit a File with Your Response topic.

1.1.2. October 2015

Date Change
8 Oct 2015 Updated the Certificates topic to include information about printing web certificates.

1.1.3. August 2015

Date Change
17 Aug 2015 Updated The edX Mobile App section to include information about using the edX mobile apps to access course discussions.

1.1.4. June 2015

Date Change
1 Aug 2015 Added the Enrolling in a Course and Taking a Course for Academic Credit topics.
8 Jun 2015 Added a section for frequently asked questions about the edX mobile applications, The edX Mobile App.
  Added Searching the Course and Notes sections.
  Updated the Certificates section to include information on sharing certificates, including sharing digital badges.

1.1.5. May 2015

Date Change
22 May 2015 Initial version of this guide for Open edX learners.