9.4. Adding a Video to a Course#

To make a video visible in your course, you create a video component in a unit in Studio, and then you add the following information for the video to the video component.

  • A display name for the component.

  • The video location.

    The video location is the video URL that is created when you upload the video to the hosting site. The video URL might resemble the following example.


  • The video transcript

9.4.1. Add a Video#

To add a video to an edge.edx.org course, follow these steps.

  1. In studo, locate the unit that you want, an then select Video under Add New Component.

  2. Select the pencil icon, in the top left hand corner, and enter the name that you want learners to see for this video as the Component Display Name. Clicking the “Check” icon will save your changes, the “X” icon will discard them.

    This name appears as a heading above the video in the LMS, and it identifies the video for you in Insights. If you do not enter a display name, the platform specifies “Video” for you.

  3. Locate the Video URL field, and then enter the location of your video. This is the URL that was created when you uploaded the video to the hosting site.


    If you have created multiple versions that use different encodings or hosting services, add the URL for each video by selecting Add a vido URL below the Fallback Videos field and enter the URL in the Video URL field. The first listed video that is compatible with the learner’s device plays.

    For the best experience for mobile users, make sure that the URL for the 360p version of the video is the first URL in the list.

  4. Optionally, you can set more options for the video. For a description of each option, see Set Video Settings.