8.2. Enable Additional Exercises and ToolsΒΆ

Studio offers the same set of core exercises and tools for every course. You can expand the default set by enabling additional exercises and tools. After you enable an exercise or tool in Studio, you can add components of that type to your course.

To enable additional exercises and tools, follow these steps.

  1. In Studio, select Settings, and then Advanced Settings.

  2. Locate the Advanced Module List field. This field lists any exercises and tools that have been added to your course.

  3. If the Advanced Module List field is empty, place your cursor between the brackets ([ ]).

    If the list already contains one or more keys, place your cursor after the first bracket ([).

  4. Enter the key for the exercise or tool that you want to add.

  5. Add quotation marks (" ") before and after the key.

    If you are adding the key to a list of keys, follow the closing quotation mark with a comma character (,).

  6. Review your entry to verify that the key is accurate and that it is surrounded by quotation marks. If there is a list of keys, they must be comma separated.

    • In this example, the key for the annotation problem tool is the only value in the list.

    • In this example, the key for the annotation problem tool is added at the beginning of a list of other keys.

  7. Select Save Changes.

    Studio checks the syntax of your entry and reformats your entry to add line feeds and indentation. A message lets you know whether your changes were saved successfully.