4.8. Adding Course Updates and Handouts

You add course updates and identify handouts in Studio. Learners see the course updates and handouts on the Course Info page in your course.

The Course Info page as it appears to students, with a "Course Updates & News" section containing a dated post and a "Course Handouts" frame with a list of links.

4.8.1. Add a Course Update

You add updates to notify learners of upcoming exams or deadlines, changes in the course schedule, or to make other announcements.

To add a course update, follow these steps.

  1. From the Content menu, select Updates.
  2. Select New Update.
  3. Enter your update in the HTML editor that opens.
  • You must use HTML to format your update. The visual editor is not provided.
  • If you change the supplied date, the new date appears above the update on the Course Info page. However, the update is visible to all enrolled learners as soon as you post it.
  1. Optionally, choose whether to send a notification about your update to the edX mobile app.
  • Learners can choose to turn off notifications for individual courses or for all courses. The Course Info page continues to show all updates.
  • All updates appear on the Course Info page, even if you do not send notifications.
  1. Select Post. Your update appears on your course’s Course Info page immediately.

4.8.2. Identify a Course Handout

You can identify previously uploaded files as handouts for your course. Learners see a link on the Course Info page for each course handout.

Before you identify a course handout, you add the file to your course and copy its Studio URL. You can open the Studio Files & Uploads page in another browser window to make this process easier.

To identify a course handout, follow these steps.

  1. From the Content menu, select Updates.

  2. In the Course Handouts panel, select Edit.

  3. In the editor that opens, use HTML formatting to add a link to the previously uploaded file. An example follows.

    <p><a href="/static/Syllabus_Fall2016.pdf" target="_blank">Syllabus</a></p>
    <p><a href="/static/Glossary_v3.pdf" target="_blank">Glossary</a></p>
  4. Select Save.