10.3. Staff Debug InfoΒΆ

The edX system keeps track of students’ progress through a course – recording when the student watches videos, responds to problems, and so on. If you are a member of a course team, some of that data is visible to you for debugging purposes. Under every problem is a Staff Debug Info button: clicking this button opens a popup with metadata about the problem.

None of this information should be necessary for day-to-day usage of edX, but for the sake of clarity, some of these fields are documented here:

Indicates whether the problem is visible to students.
An internal unique identifier that corresponds to this problem. If you are having trouble with a problem, and need assistance from the edX support team, including this value will make it easier for them to track down the issue you’re having with the problem.
The text of the problem, in Markdown format. This is often written using Studio.
The name of the problem, as shown to the student.
The maximum number of times that a student can attempt to answer the problem correctly.
The number of times that the currently logged in student has attempted to answer the problem correctly, so far. Every time this student attempts to answer this question, this number will go up, until it reaches max_attempts.