1.3. Change Log

1.3.1. August 2015

Date Change
12 August 2015 Added the Qualtrics Survey Tool topic.

1.3.2. July 2015

Date Change
30 July 2015 Updated the Working with Problem Components and Numerical Input Problem sections to clarify how the Randomization setting is used.
28 July 2015 Updated the Answer Data section to remove references to features on the Analytics page of the Instructor Dashboard.
17 July 2015 Added the Best Practices for Open Response Assessments and How Open Response Assessments Are Scored sections.
  Updated this guide to use the course team “Admin” and “Staff” role names consistently. For more information, see the Staffing section.
8 July 2015 Added the Poll Tool and Survey Tool sections.
1 July

Several additions were made to provide information about using feedback and hints in common problems.

1.3.3. Apr-Jun 2015

Date Change
22 Jun 2015 Updated the Accessibility Best Practices for Developing Course Content section.
16 Jun 2015 Added the Creating a Custom Course section.
10 Jun 2015 Added the Report Learners Not Yet Enrolled section.
8 Jun 2015 Updated the Add a Course Update section to include information about sending notifications to the edX mobile applications.
  Added the list of Mobile-Ready Problem Types.
  Added the Setting Up Course Certificates section.
  Added Manage Course Fees.
  Added Notes Tool topic.
28 May 2015 Updated this document to latest version.

1.3.4. Jan-Mar 2015

Date Change
24 Feb 2015 Initial release of document for the Open edX Birch release.