11.1. Staffing

You can designate a team of people to help you run your course. Two roles are available to give team members access to additional options for working with students, grades, and other members of the staff.

  • Staff
  • Admin

You can assign these privileged roles when you work in either the LMS or Studio. The people who have these roles can work on your course in Studio, the LMS, and Insights. For more information about assigning roles to team members in Studio, see Add Course Team Members.

You can also designate teams of people to beta test your course or to moderate and manage its discussions by assigning other roles in the LMS. Beta testers and discussion team members must be enrolled in your course, but they do not need to have the Staff or Admin role. For more information, see Beta Testing a Course and Assign Discussion Administration Roles.

11.1.1. Administrative Team Roles

To provide access to features on the LMS Instructor Dashboard, you assign the Staff role or the Admin role.

Team members with the Staff role can complete these tasks.

  • View the course before the Course Start Date.
  • Enroll and unenroll students.
  • Access student grades.
  • Reset student attempts to answer a question correctly.
  • See course HTML errors.
  • Send email messages to course participants.

Team members with the Admin role have access to all of the same options for running the course as team members with the Staff role. They can also complete these tasks.

  • Add and remove Staff.

  • Add and remove other Admins.

  • Add and remove Beta Testers.

  • Add and remove Discussion Admins, Discussion Moderators, and Discussion Community TAs.


    To moderate course discussions, team members must have one of these discussion roles assigned to them in addition to the Staff or Admin role. For more information, see Assign Discussion Administration Roles.

11.1.2. Assign Course Team Roles

Before you can assign the Staff or Admin role to a team member, you must meet these prerequisites.

  • You must have the Admin role.
  • You need the email address or username of each team member you want to add.
  • Each of those team members must register a user account for that email address or username, activate the account, and enroll in your course.

To assign a privileged role to a course team member, follow these steps.

  1. View the live version of your course.
  2. Select Instructor, and then select Membership.
  3. In the Course Team Management section, select Staff or Admin.
  4. Under the list of users who currently have that role, enter an email address or username, and then select Add for the role type.

To remove an assigned role, view the list of users and then select Revoke access.