11.13. Assign Final Grades and Issue Certificates

As you prepare for the end of your course, you can send students a course farewell email message.

To assign a final grade to each student enrolled in a course, you generate grades after the Course End Date and Time have passed. See Generate a Grade Report for Enrolled Learners (All Courses).

The final grades of a student in the course and the grading configuration you set in Studio are used to determine whether the student has earned a Certificate of Mastery for the course.

The process of issuing certificates is completed at edX: work with your edX program manager to schedule a date to issue certificates and complete this process.

11.13.1. On-Demand Certificates

If you have a self-paced course, you can allow your students to download their certificates as soon as they have completed enough of the course with a high enough grade to qualify for a certificate. For these courses, you work with edX to create a certificate template and enable on-demand certificates. Students can then request and download their certificates.


If your course offers on-demand certificates, we encourage you to include this information on your course About page, on the Course Info page in the LMS, and in communication with your learners.

Learners can request a certificate at any time after they qualify. Learners may want to request a certificate right away, or they may wait until they have completed the course. For more information, see On-Demand Certificates.