10.2.3. Managing Team Discussions

EdX recommends that you designate course staff and optionally student TAs to moderate team discussions. The same discussion administration roles for managing course discussions on the Discussions page apply to discussion administration for team discussions. Course team members and student TAs who already have discussion moderation roles for course discussions on the Discussions page can perform the same roles for discussions in teams.

For information about discussion administration roles, see Assign Discussion Administration Roles. For information about managing discussions, see Run a Discussion. Ability to Post in Team Discussions

Team members, discussion community TAs, and course team members with the roles of Discussion Admin or Discussion Moderator can post to the team discussion. Team members can edit their own posts, reply to posts and comments, follow and flag posts, and so on.

Posts made by discussion community TAs are marked as “By: Community TA” in the discussion navigation pane, and those made by discussion moderators or discussion admins are marked as “By: Staff”. Ability to Edit or Delete Posts

Discussion moderators, discussion admins, and community TAs can perform the following actions in team discussions, without being a member of the team.

  • Review, edit, or delete messages
  • Pin, close, or reopen posts
  • Endorse responses

Responses and comments made by community TAs have a colored “Community TA” identifier.

Responses and comments made by discussion moderators or discussion admin have a colored “Staff” identifier.