12.2. Offering Different Content to Different Learner Groups

You can design your course so that some learners are given different content than others, based on the group that they belong to. Learners can be grouped either by cohort, or by the enrollment track that learners join for your course.

This section provides information about offering differentiated content in your course.

For information about dividing discussion topics in your course so that only learners in the same groups interact with each other, see About Divided Discussion Topics.


You can also use experiment groups to compare the performance of groups of learners who are offered different content. For details, see Overview of Content Experiments.

12.2.1. Offering Different Content to Learners Based on Their Enrollment Track

If your course has more than one enrollment track, you can provide different content to learners in each of the enrollment tracks.

For example, you might provide the same course content to all learners except that for the midterm and final exams, learners who are in a non-certificate track and learners who are in a certificate track are given different exams.

For information about creating differentiated content based on enrollment track, see Creating Course Content for Specific Enrollment Tracks.

12.2.2. Offering Different Content to Learners Based on Cohort

If you have enabled cohorts in your course, you can associate one or more cohorts with a content group. You can then design your course so that particular content is available only to learners in a specific content group.

For example, you might intend all learners in your course to have substantially the same course experience, except that you want to show learners who are either current students or alumni of your university a special video in several sections. You already have your university’s current students in one cohort and alumni in another cohort. By associating both of these cohorts with the same content group, and restricting access to the special university-related video to only this content group, you can provide a customized course experience.

For information about creating differentiated content using cohorts, see Using Cohorts in Your Courses and Creating Cohort-Specific Course Content.