13.1. Proctored Exam Overview

Proctored exams are timed exams that learners take while online proctoring software monitors their computer, environment, and behavior. When learners complete a proctored exam, a reviewer examines the recording of the exam to determine whether the learner complied with the online proctoring rules.

All courses can include proctored exams.

Learners must satisfy the following criteria to pass a proctored exam.

  • Take the exam as a proctored exam.

    By default, learners are required to take the exam as a proctored exam. To allow learners the option to take an exam as a proctored exam or as an unproctored exam, see Allow Opting Out of Proctored Exams.

  • Download and install proctoring software.

  • Complete identity and exam environment checks.

  • Earn a passing grade on the exam.

  • Receive a Satisfactory result for their proctoring session review.