2.1. Getting Started with Studio

This topic describes the tools you use to build an Open edX course, and how to view your courses.

2.1.1. What Is Studio?

Studio is the tool you use to build your courses.

You use Studio to create a course structure, and then add problems, videos, and other resources for learners.

With Studio, you can also manage the course schedule, identify members of the course team, set the grading policy, publish your course, and more.

You use Studio directly through your browser. You do not need any additional software.

2.1.2. What Is the LMS?

The LMS is the web-based tool where you view the courses you have created in Studio.

If you have not created a course, see Creating a New Course in Studio.

  1. In Studio, locate your course on your dashboard and open your course.

  2. On the Course Outline page, select View Live.

    Your course enrollment page opens in a new browser tab.

  3. Select Enroll to enroll in your course. After you enroll in your course, it opens in the LMS.

To continue working on your course, return to the browser tab that shows Studio.