9.3. Upload a Video

To make a video visible in your course, you create a video component in a unit in Studio, and then you add the following information for the video to the video component.

To upload a video to a third party hosting site, follow the instructions for that site. Keep the following guidelines in mind.

  • If you host your videos on YouTube, you must follow all rules and restrictions that are associated with YouTube.

  • The URL for the video that you upload on a third party hosting site must end in .mp4, .mpeg, .webm, or .ogg. The video player cannot support videos that you upload on sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, or other sites that use their own player.

    To help make sure all standard browsers can play your video, edX strongly recommends that you use .mp4 format.

    The video URL might resemble the following example.


  • If you have copies of a video in multiple resolutions, you must upload each copy to the hosting site. For more information, see General Guidelines.

  • After you upload a video on a hosting site, you must make sure you have the URL for that copy of the video. If you upload copies of your video on more than one hosting site, make sure you have the URL for each video location.

For more information about hosting your videos, see Set Up a Hosting Service.