10.41. Staff Graded Points


EdX offers provisional support for this tool.

Staff Graded Points allows you to assign scores to learners for off-platform activities or participation, at the assessment level. It provides a text component with instructions to learners, and a way for you to assign grades.

10.41.1. Create a Staff Graded Points assignment

  1. Under Add New Component select Staff Graded Points

  2. In Advanced Settings, specify title and max_score

  3. Specify learner-facing instructions

  4. After learners complete the assignment you’re grading, Grade Learners (see below.) Staff Graded Points settings



Display Name (optional)

The display name for this component.

Instructions (optional)

Markdown formatted instructions to the learner.

Problem Weight (optional)

Enter the number of points possible for this component. The default value is 1.0. Grading Learners

While your course is running, after learners have had a chance to complete the off-platform assignment you’re grading, you can assign learner grades from the LMS Instructor view of the component as follows:

  1. Export scores. Download a grading CSV and use this as a template to assign scores for this problem. You can use track/cohort filters to limit to grading only a subset of learners.

  2. (On your own machine) Fill out grades. Open the CSV in a spreadsheet editor and assign scores to learners via “New Points” field. Leave scores that you don’t want to change blank.

  3. Import scores Uploading the filled out CSV. Learners will immediately see their grades after import completes. Supports smaller courses - i.e. file sizes up to 4MB. Note: [Provisionally supported: usage in large courses] To use in larger courses, break up your grade file CSV by rows, and import in separate files – or use the track & cohort filters to limit to a subset of rows. In this case, keep the header row for each file. This manual approach for larger courses is error prone, so we are making it available as a use-at-your-own-risk feature for advanced users, but don’t explicitly support it.

  4. Review result File is uploaded, validated, scores are overwritten for non-blank rows. You’ll get a readout at the bottom of the screen.