13.2. Preparing Learners for Proctored Exams

To prepare learners for a proctored exam, follow these guidelines.

  • Emphasize that learners must be aware of the requirements before taking the exam, and that some of the requirements might take some preparation.

  • Well before the exam, provide learners with information about the grading policy in your course.

  • Explain what proctored exams are, and provide learners with links to the Proctored Exams topic in the Open edX Learner’s Guide.

  • Communicate the rules for proctored exams, including the online proctoring rules in the Open edX Learner’s Guide as well as any specific rules for a particular exam. For information about creating specific rules, see Specify Exam Rules and Exceptions.

13.2.1. The Learner Experience of Proctored Exams

The learner experience of a proctored exam depends on the proctoring service that your course or organization uses. Typically, learners can expect to download and install proctoring software, verify their identities, and use their webcams to scan the testing environment before they take the exam. For more information, see Proctored Exams in the Open edX Learner’s Guide.

13.2.2. Practice Proctored Exams

You can create an ungraded practice proctored exam for your course so that learners can become familiar with the process of installing proctoring software and performing the required checks ahead of time. Depending on the proctoring service, learners might complete the following steps for a practice proctored exam.

  • Install the proctoring software.

  • Complete identity checks.

  • Complete a room scan.

  • Complete any example problems in the exam.


Learners who complete practice exams must usually complete the same software installation and environment scan steps again when they take an actual proctored exam.

For information about how to create a practice proctored exam, see Create a Proctored Exam or Practice Proctored Exam.