10.4. Calculator Tool


EdX offers provisional support for this tool.

10.4.1. Overview

Learners can use the edX calculator tool to perform simple and complex calculations. Learners can enter input including numbers, operators, Greek letters, affixes, trigonometric functions, and more.

The calculator is available for every edX course, but it is not visible by default. To make the calculator visible, you must enable it in the course advanced settings.

When the calculator is visible in a course, the calculator icon appears at the bottom of every unit page.

Course page with an arrow pointing to the calculator.

When learners select the calculator icon, the calculator opens along the lower edge of the browser window.

The calculator includes an information page that learners can use if they have questions about entering input in the calculator. Learners access the calculator’s information page by selecting the i icon next to the input field.

Course page with the calculator visible along the edge of the browser.

Learners close the calculator by selecting the X.

10.4.2. Enable the Calculator Tool

To enable the calculator tool, follow these steps.

  1. In Studio, on the Settings menu, select Advanced Settings.

  2. In the Show Calculator field, change false to true.

  3. Select Save Changes.