9.2.3. Obtain a Video Transcript

Transcripts are required for all videos. Transcripts help learners with hearing impairments understand audio content, and they are helpful for learners who speak other languages.

Transcripts are available to learners in the following ways.

  • Learners can select the Show transcript (”) icon in the video player’s control bar to show the transcript next to the video. The transcript automatically scrolls as the video plays. Learners can select a line in the transcript to jump to the point in the video where that line is spoken.

  • Learners can show the transcript file as overlaid closed captions for the video by selecting the CC icon in the video player’s control bar.

  • You can allow learners to download transcripts so that learners can read the transcripts offline. For more information, see Enable Video and Transcript Downloads. Obtaining a Video Transcript

When you work with a transcript provider, you send your videos to the transcript provider, and the provider sends you the completed transcripts. You later upload the transcripts when you create a video component. Transcript File Naming Conventions

To prevent errors when you upload your video transcripts, we recommend the following conventions for naming your transcript files.

  • Give each transcript file an identifying name that is unique across all of your course uploads, including non-transcript files.

  • Make sure that the transcript contains no special characters, such as ç, å, or ó.

  • Make sure that the file type (.srt) is in lowercase.

  • Do not include periods in file names other than the period before the .srt file type.