4.18. Enabling Course and Video Licensing#

This topic describes how to enable licensing in your instance of Open edX.

4.18.1. Overview#

Course teams can specify licensing options for course content as well as for each video in a course.

Course teams can select one of the following license options.

  • All Rights Reserved

  • Creative Commons

By specifying the license, course teams communicate to learners whether and how they can reuse course content.

To enable this feature on your instance of Open edX, you must enable licensing in both Studio and the Learning Management System.


Before proceeding, review Guidelines for Updating the Open edX Platform.

4.18.2. Enable Licensing in Studio#

To enable licensing, you modify the lms.yml and studio.yml files, which are located one level above the edx-platform directory.

  1. In the lms.yml and studio.yml files, in the FEATURES dictionary, add 'LICENSING':True:

    FEATURES = {
        'LICENSING': True,
        . . .
  2. Save the lms.yml and studio.yml files.