6.4.4. Enable and Create Enrollment Codes#

Enrollment codes allow users to purchase bulk enrollments for a course.


Enrollment codes used for bulk enrollments, as described in this topic, are not related to the “enrollment code” coupon code type that is referred to in the Create and Manage Coupons topic. Enable Enrollment Codes#

Before you create enrollment codes that can be used for bulk enrollments for a course, you must enable enrollment codes in the E-Commerce service and in individual courses.

  1. To enable enrollment codes in the E-Commerce service, run the site configuration command together with the following option.


    For more information, see Add Another Site, Partner, and Site Configuration.

  2. To enable enrollment codes in individual courses, follow these steps.

    1. Follow step 1 through step 5 in Create Course Seats to access and select options on the Add New Course page. Do not select Create Course after you complete step 5.

    2. Select Include Enrollment Code.

    3. Select Create Course.

After you select Create Course, enrollment codes are enabled for that course. Create Enrollment Codes#

  1. Go to the enrollment page for the course.

  2. On the enrollment page, select Buy enrollment. Do not select Enroll in the course.

    The basket page opens.

  3. For Number of Enrollment Codes, enter the number of enrollment codes that you want. Each enrollment code is for one course seat.

  4. Select Purchase.

After you select Purchase, you receive an e-mail message that contains a link to a .csv file. The .csv file lists the enrollment codes.