6. Adding E-Commerce to the Open edX Platform#

EdX uses a Django application called ecommerce to provide the platform with ecommerce functionality. This E-Commerce service extends Oscar, an open source Django ecommerce framework, to manage the edX product catalog and handle orders for those products. The following sections describe how to install and use the E-Commerce service with the Open edX platform.

To complete the procedures that this section describes, you use both the E-Commerce Service’s Django administration site and the E-Commerce Administration Tool (CAT). The CAT is a web app that is included with the E-Commerce service and enables you to configure and manage products that are associated with the courses and programs on your instance of the Open edX learning management system (LMS).

In addition to these required steps, you can add optional features to the E-Commerce service for your instance of the Open edX platform. For more information, see Additional E-Commerce Features.