4.2.2. Configuring Sites Independently#

You can set configuration properties independently for individual sites. The values that you define for individual sites override the default values that are present in the studio.yml or lms.yml files. For example, you can set the PLATFORM_NAME property to a different value for each of your sites to indicate that the sites present courses for different organizations or audiences. Configuring a Site#

To set configuration properties for a site, follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to the Django administration console for your base URL. For example, http://{your_URL}/admin.

  2. Select Site Configurations .

  3. Select Add site configuration.

  4. From the Site menu, select the site you want to configure.

  5. Enter configuration properties in the Values field. Structure all properties in valid JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

    The following example shows a set of configuration properties for a site.

      "university":"Online University",
      "PLATFORM_NAME":"Online University",


    To make courses site-specific, you set the course_org_filter property to an organization identifier. Only that organization’s courses are available from the site.

  6. When you are ready for the configuration settings to take effect, select Enabled.

    The configuration properties that you set do not affect the site until you select Enabled. If needed, you can return to the Site configurations screen for this site to enable the configuration properties later.

  7. Select Save. Site Configuration Reference#

An example of the properties that you define to configure a site follows.

  "university":"Education Programs",
  "PLATFORM_NAME":"Education Programs",
  "platform_name":"Education Programs",
  "course_index_overlay_text":"<img src='/static/my-site/images/400x103.png' width='400' height='103' />",
  "homepage_overlay_html":"<img src='/static/my-site/images/400x103.png' width='400' height='103' />",
  "payment_email_signature":"Education Programs<br>The Digital Programs Team<br>my-site@example.com<br>101 Example Street<br>Example State"