4.19. Configuring Transcript Behavior#

As a best practice, transcripts should always be provided, so that course videos meet accessibility requirements. Video transcripts are displayed in the language selected by the learner in the video player if they are available in that language. Otherwise, by default video transcripts fall back to an English language transcript. In cases where no transcript is available, you can configure Open edX so that the video player does not display the caption and transcript buttons.

You can configure the default transcript behavior using the FALLBACK_TO_ENGLISH_TRANSCRIPTS feature flag. By default, this feature flag is set to TRUE. If you set it to FALSE, then the video transcript will not fall back to an English language transcript and if no transcript is available, the caption and transcript buttons are not displayed in the video player.

4.19.1. Configuring the Transcript Feature Flag#


Before proceeding, review Guidelines for Updating the Open edX Platform.

To set the FALLBACK_TO_ENGLISH_TRANSCRIPTS feature flag, you modify the lms.yml and studio.yml files, which are located one level above the edx-platform directory.

  1. In the lms.yml and studio.yml files, in the FEATURES dictionary, change the value of FALLBACK_TO_ENGLISH_TRANSCRIPTS to FALSE.

  2. Save the lms.yml and studio.yml files.